Advantages of a payday loan with us

A mini-loan is a standard offer, many of which are on the Polish non-banking market. However, something must stand out – that’s why we checked when it’s worth taking advantage of a mini-loan and what are its pluses and minuses. This combination will help you make the decision – find out whether the offer meets your needs, preferences and financial possibilities.

When is the payday in the Mini-loan pays off?

Montez is the perfect solution, above all, for people who have not used this offer. They can borrow up to PLN 2,000 at no charge for 7,15,21 or 30 days. All you have to do is pay off your liabilities in a timely manner and you will not be able to get a loan in your home budget – because it will be free. However, you can not forget that any, even the smallest delay will result in charging additional fees.

Minors can also apply for very young people (who are 18 or older) and seniors up to 75 years old. It is enough for them to have a regular source of income and meet the other conditions of using the offer. Often, banks and other non-bank companies have narrower age ranges and do not allow students or young working persons or even retirees to use their services with good pay – in the Lending Montez, it’s different.

This weekend is also a great alternative to credit. You can borrow a small amount for a short period – at banks, this minimum is at least half a year, and the costs are much higher. And in the mini-loan, we have quite a lot of cash (up to 5000 PLN) available from stock and for a maximum of 30 days.

Applications for a payday loan at can be submitted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – they will be considered from Monday to Saturday during business hours. There is a chance for cash even on Saturday, which is a very good solution in emergency situations.

The advantages of Montez

No offer is perfect – there is always something that could have been done better. Shortcuts for the offer Minis for some will not be a hindrance, but others will look for a different loan after reading them. That is why it is worth getting to know the advantages and disadvantages of this lender – for this purpose we have prepared a statement based on the actual experience of the Montez clients. Do you think that this list is incomplete? Tell us in a comment – we will be happy to supplement it with your insights and opinions.

Advantages of a payday loan in the Montez:

  •         free first minute,
  •         quick decision,
  •         minimum of formalities,
  •         the application process is entirely available online,
  •         the wide age range of borrowers (18-75 years),
  •         the possibility of refinancing the loan,
  •         high maximum loan amount (PLN 5,000),
  •         four credit periods (7,15,21 and 30 days)
  •         two ways of identity verification (Quick Identification and Traditional Transfer),
  •         no need to submit income certificates.

Payday loan consolidation, its most useful advantages

Quick Credits online instantly

As we already know, payday loan consolidation through the best payday loan consolidation company is an excellent option that many people request when they need it.

This loan has been designed to solve cash problems immediately.

And every day they are requested by more people not only in Spain but also worldwide.

When we have a specific problem of liquidity, it is important to have an effective and rapid response that resolves the situation as soon as possible.

Therefore, if you are looking for financing immediately you can get it in our mini-credit section and get the money you need quickly.

The smartest option for those who want to save time and money

Fast loans have triumphed over traditional banking in recent years.

And although they began being the only safe option to obtain financing, now they are one of the most striking options.

Online loans have different characteristics that make them more appealing to customers, than loans with traditional banking.

As for example “Time and money”.

Time and money are two goods that are spent and, therefore, limit our lives.

And because of that, they are so extremely important.

Therefore, the fact that a financing service has started to appear that saves you in both factors has revolutionized the financing sector in our country.

We tell you all about the quick credits on the Internet. The best tips and tricks to apply for your credit through the Internet in a few minutes. 

Why were these online financial products created?

A few years ago, if a person wanted to apply for a loan, he had to go to his bank office, or to other offices, to request financing.

This person had to have an excellent credit history, and, in addition, he had to affiliate with the bank that made the loan.

However, lenders of agile loans realized that something was wrong.

That your bank did not lend you the money, or have to change banks to get it, was not very attractive.

But, in addition, having to move to the office and make the request, and then wait for weeks to get the answer, was not at all flashy for users.

When the crisis began, banks stopped facilitating things to users and decided to stop giving loans to almost everyone.

Well … “there was no money to give loans”.

At that time, online lenders appeared, which did provide loans more easily than banks.

Also quickly and privately, because nobody saw you ask for the money.

Therefore, the crisis has been the beginning, but do not think that the end of the crisis was the end.

The speed of online loans has kept them in the market.

Even when banks are begging for loan applicants.

Do I meet the requirements to apply for an online credit?

requisitos para solicitar un crédito online

It is possible that several times in your life you have needed immediate solvency and you have not obtained it.

In large part may be due to ignorance of online financial services.

Many people think that they are hard to come by, that the requirements are too tight.

However, the reality is another completely different.

The truth is that the requirements that you must meet in order to apply for a financial product are very few.

And this means that many more people can access this type of financing than traditional loans.

Even, finding you registered in a file of defaulters like the ASNEF, you have the possibility of accessing one of these credits.

Each financial institution is different and each has its own requirements.

For example, in some, you can request money from 18 years.

Others are a little more restrictive they will want you to have 21 or 25 to qualify for the loan.

Minicredito creditea


Basic requirements

In this article we will look at the requirements that most credit companies on the Internet tend to have:

  • Be over 18 years old: Some lenders will require you to be 21, 25 or older, but all comply that you must be of legal age to apply for your quick credit.
  • Being a resident in Spain: Even if you are Spanish, if you live outside Spain you will not be able to access a quick credit.
  • Have a stable source of income: Although it is not necessary to have a payroll, if you must have a stable income and that can be demonstrated, such as income for being autonomous, retirement, unemployment, etc.
  • Have a bank account: In order for the lender to deposit the money, you will need to provide a bank account number in your name in order to make the deposit.
  • A contact method: Also, depending on the lender you may need to provide an email address or a phone number to receive the information and verify your identity.
  • In many cases, you will need to not be in ASNEF: However, this only happens in those lenders who do not accept people with ASNEF among their clients.

The truth is that more and more lenders who do accept that you have ASNEF to lend you money.

However, even if we find a company that facilitates its loans to people with ASNEF.

We must bear in mind that they will not accept our request if the debt for which we are in ASNEF has been contracted with a financial service like another loan.

Or if it is due to a debt with the bank.

If our debt in the ASNEF or RAI is with an electric company, telephone, or any other non-financial type, and does not exceed 1,000, 2,000 or 3,000 euros (depending on the lender).

We will not have any problem due to the ASNEF to request our loan.

Advantages of applying for a credit

We must know the advantages of this type of credit products, to have more alternatives in case you need immediate liquidity.

We always say that information is power, in this case, that saying is also applicable.

Let’s see what these advantages are:

  • They are a fast way to get money easily and effectively, unlike bank loans that are not characterized by their speed and ease.
  • The requirements that are requested to request a credit on the Internet are very basic, they are available to a very high percentage of people.
  • You can obtain financing, even if you are in ASNEF, since many companies provide their loans to people with debts and who are in arrears records.
  • The application process is very simple, just fill in a simple form with basic data.
  • The response time (credit accepted or not) is very fast, in the worst case, it will take a few hours to get the answer.
  • Quick money in your account. Generally, in less than 15 minutes you can even have the money in your account.
  • There are many companies that are dedicated to facilitating agile credits on the Internet, so, to more variety and competition, better conditions.
  • You pay interest only for the time you have the money. If you keep it for 30 days, you will pay interest for 30 days. However, if you only need the money for 7 days, you will pay interest for 7 days.
  • You do not have to leave the house since the entire procedure is 100% online. Also, you save the pain of making long lines.
  • Without changing banks, you do not need to change your current account, nor contract linked products.

As you can see there are many advantages to obtaining this financial product.

For what it is convenient to hire at times or in situations that your economy is affected.

How to ask for a fast credit online?

Without a doubt, the best thing is to go to a credit comparison where you can compare the expenses, requirements, and costs of each to choose the one that best suits your needs.

On our page, you have at your disposal all the financial products that you require, such as credits, credit cards, mini-credits, among others.

Once you have chosen the product that best suits your situation, the next thing is to fill in the application with your personal, bank and send it.

Next, the lender will study your situation and will contact you to notify you of their response.

If the answer has been positive, your money will be in your bank account in just a few minutes.

It has never been so easy to ask for financing and everything without having to move from the chair.

And to finish…

These fast-credit companies have taken advantage of advances in technologies and online banking.

To offer a credit service where we can get the money we need in less than 15 minutes and without the need to leave our home.

Undoubtedly, getting money instantly is mission impossible in traditional banks.

Over the last few years, more and more companies have appeared in this sector, which has increased competition.

Without a doubt, the biggest beneficiary of this competition is the final consumer.

Since it has a greater variety to find financing, without having to go to your usual bank.

We have to mention that, for the same reason, it is convenient to use a comparator to be able to compare among the range of options that we have available to obtain the financing we are looking for.

Even with the great movement that this sector has, there are still people who do not know why this kind of loans is better than those of a traditional bank.