Advantages of a payday loan with us

A mini-loan is a standard offer, many of which are on the Polish non-banking market. However, something must stand out – that’s why we checked when it’s worth taking advantage of a mini-loan and what are its pluses and minuses. This combination will help you make the decision – find out whether the offer meets your needs, preferences and financial possibilities.

When is the payday in the Mini-loan pays off?

Montez is the perfect solution, above all, for people who have not used this offer. They can borrow up to PLN 2,000 at no charge for 7,15,21 or 30 days. All you have to do is pay off your liabilities in a timely manner and you will not be able to get a loan in your home budget – because it will be free. However, you can not forget that any, even the smallest delay will result in charging additional fees.

Minors can also apply for very young people (who are 18 or older) and seniors up to 75 years old. It is enough for them to have a regular source of income and meet the other conditions of using the offer. Often, banks and other non-bank companies have narrower age ranges and do not allow students or young working persons or even retirees to use their services with good pay – in the Lending Montez, it’s different.

This weekend is also a great alternative to credit. You can borrow a small amount for a short period – at banks, this minimum is at least half a year, and the costs are much higher. And in the mini-loan, we have quite a lot of cash (up to 5000 PLN) available from stock and for a maximum of 30 days.

Applications for a payday loan at can be submitted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – they will be considered from Monday to Saturday during business hours. There is a chance for cash even on Saturday, which is a very good solution in emergency situations.

The advantages of Montez

No offer is perfect – there is always something that could have been done better. Shortcuts for the offer Minis for some will not be a hindrance, but others will look for a different loan after reading them. That is why it is worth getting to know the advantages and disadvantages of this lender – for this purpose we have prepared a statement based on the actual experience of the Montez clients. Do you think that this list is incomplete? Tell us in a comment – we will be happy to supplement it with your insights and opinions.

Advantages of a payday loan in the Montez:

  •         free first minute,
  •         quick decision,
  •         minimum of formalities,
  •         the application process is entirely available online,
  •         the wide age range of borrowers (18-75 years),
  •         the possibility of refinancing the loan,
  •         high maximum loan amount (PLN 5,000),
  •         four credit periods (7,15,21 and 30 days)
  •         two ways of identity verification (Quick Identification and Traditional Transfer),
  •         no need to submit income certificates.